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Dove 'A Storybook Surprise' / Henry Busby

British Airways 'You Make Us Fly' / Andy McLeod

Gala Spins 'Find Your Spin' / Austen Humphries

ServiceNow 'Workflows' / Daniel Kleinman

Allstate 'Winning' / Ringan Ledwidge

Rightmove 'The Renter' / Owen Trevor

Citroen x UKTV Dave / Austen Humphries

Harry Styles 'Treat People With Kindness' / Gabe Turner

Allstate 'Roll Up' / Ringan Ledwidge

EA: 'Need For Speed' / Gabe Turner

Billie Eilish 'No Time To Die' / Daniel Kleinman

EE 'Plan Envy' / Daniel Kleinman

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