Rattling Stick is a multi-award winning production company.

Being the brainchild of Daniel Kleinman, Ringan Ledwidge and Johnnie Frankel, Rattling Stick was always going to be a melting pot of creativity, comedy and culture, and remains every bit irreverent as the day it was founded in 2006. We make content in all forms, but commercials are our bread and butter, and we make them the Rattling Stick way – carefully crafted with top talent, teams who have been in the business for decades, and a lot of laughs along the way. It’s as simple as that.

See some of our most iconic work here.

Rattling Stuff is Rattling Stick’s new production arm, headed up by Cabell Hopkins.

It hosts a talented array of directors, who will sit alongside the existing Rattling Stick roster. Geared towards more competitive budgets, Rattling Stuff offers new perspectives and innovative ways of approaching each project, making work in various shapes and sizes, but always with creativity and quality at its heart.

View the Rattling Stuff roster here.