Fern Berresford

Fern Berresford is a London based director and photographer. A storyteller with work spanning across film, music videos, TV commercials and photography.

Fern’s work combines clever concepts with beautifully bold aesthetics. She has a witty and distinctive visual style, often creating quirky characters that belong to the weird and wonderful worlds she constructs. Whatever the medium, film, TV or photography, Fern’s imagery is full of atmosphere and cinematic drama.

Fern’s film-making style has been recognised and rewarded throughout her career. Her first ever feature film ‘Man Made’ was the winner of Best Film at the Women In Film Festival and nominated at Cannes Lions for the Young Directors Award, even Fern’s photography has also received numerous honours including D&AD and Creative Circle awards.

Most recently Fern’s Women’s Aid film “The World’s Strongest Women” received more than 10 awards last year alone, including those for Best Direction. Over the 2 months the film aired, contact with the charity increased by 302%. Devastating though this fact is, it amounts to over 94,000 more women speaking up, and potentially saving their lives, due to the impact Fern’s film made.

Fern’s creative ambitions continue to grow, having honed in on her skilful ability to connect with her audience through her enthusiasm for aesthetic, the influence of powerful imagery and engaging performances. Fern’s reel and career is on fire and with her undying energy and positive attitude, Fern’s true talent of making friends and admirers everywhere she goes is thriving.