Ivan Bird

Ivan is one of the UK’s most sought after cinematographers: The DOP of choice for a who’s who of top commercials directors – among them Jonathan Glazer, Daniel Kleinman, Frank Budgen, Chris Palmer, Dante Ariola and Daniel Barber.

Ivan moved into directing with a spot for Sony and within a year he’d picked up a D&AD and has never looked back. He has since directed films for brands such as Nike, Mercedes, BMW, American Airlines, BA, Smirnoff and Hovis amongst others, bringing him awards and acclaim along the way. If that’s not enough, Ivan found time to light the Oscar and Bafta nominated feature film ‘Sexy Beast’, raise some kids and hold down a Chelsea season ticket.

More recently Ivan has directed award-winning work for Sky and evocative films for The Times & Sunday Times, Sky Atlantic, Shell & Land Rover. Ivan continues to work with a plethora of globally recognised talent, including Usain Bolt, David Beckham, Kate Winslet, Samuel L Jackson and Idris Elba.

Ivan still lights all his films and through his body of work has built a reputation for natural performances, great casting, beautiful cinematography and an adaptable production approach that flows with the needs of each project.