Loren Denis

French born Loren cut her teeth in New York’s fashion industry, both as a successful model and keen photographer. She travelled the world and worked with some of the best fashion photographers in the business (Tom Munro, Peter Beard, Satoshi Saikusa and Guy Aroch).

Loren went on to discover a passion for film and not one to do things by halves, she studied all aspects of filmmaking including editing and scriptwriting. Her passion for film naturally evolved into becoming a director and is evident in her unique and immersive directing style.

Loren’s work is incredibly fresh and original, effortless with its own unique energy. Whether dealing with photographic creative or more lighthearted performance, Loren brings her own strong signature look.

Hugely talented and a proactive and passionate director, Loren has already built up an impressive body of work with projects for Rayban, Eastpak, as well as Camille Tanoh and the Paris National Opera, conceptualized and written with her long time creative partner Anthony Vibert.

Most recently the pair released ‘Paris Loves US’, a film about the Paris-based movement of the same name who champion positivity and community above all else.