Nosa Eke

London-based Nosa is a platform agnostic writer and director. With a focus on pushing narrative and platform boundaries, she’s interested in using the mechanics of different platforms to construct rare and emotive stories. In 2019, she was chosen as a “Trailblazer” by Accenture and TCOLondon for her work in the cross-section between technology and storytelling. 

Identity and culture feature heavily in her work. Recently she directed Channel 4 comedy ‘Big Age’ about four young Black-British friends, and her BFI-backed debut AR feature ‘The Young and The Dopeness’, which delves into social attitudes towards identity, gender through a street culture lens, is due for release next year.

She has also directed a series of branded films for Explore Canada, focusing on new and unexpected ways through which to experience different regions of Vancouver and Toronto, Canada from the perspective of a few select artists. 

Nosa was first discovered while she was at the NFTS when she released the interactive digital series, ‘The Grind’, across different social media platforms. The support and interest stretched worldwide, leading the show to be chosen by and screened at Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles. 

After writing a digital narrative for mobile, Nosa was spotlighted in Apple’s app store in April 2018 as one of “Britain’s Next Level Gaming Talent”. In the same year she was picked as one of six for the BFI Flare/BAFTA mentorship programme and wrote an episodic narrative on the Amazon Alexa for the BBC. 

Her short film, ‘Something in the Closet’ was selected for the BFI Flare Festival 2020 and the BFI London Film Festival 2019 where she was also chosen to be part of the [email protected] programme. 

Most recently, Nosa was picked as a Film London Lodestar 2020, and is currently working on an interactive podcast with NBCUniversal, a TV show with Dark Pictures, and her AR feature with the BFI.