Traktor first appeared in Scandinavia in the nineteen nineties. They are a filmmaking collective working exclusively under the name Traktor. They take shared credit for all their activities, which include writing, directing and producing. Since meeting at film school Traktor have directed some of the most iconic film work on both sides of the Atlantic.

Not only are Traktor cloaked in mystery, they are also heavily weighed down with awards. Over the last decade Traktor have been officially the most award-winning directors in the world. The haul includes; two Grand Prix at Cannes, an additional twenty Lions, several Clios, an Emmy and nominations for a Grammy and another five Emmys.

In terms of commercials they are best known for Miller Lite, Diesel Jeans, Volvo, Levis, Fox sports, MTV, Adidas, Mountain Dew, GE, Axe, Nike, Virgin Atlantic,, and Heineken. Most notably, Traktor have directed Tide’s Super Bowl ads for the last two years. Last year they had not one but two films in the Super Bowl. Their hugely ambitious and equally successful ad for Tide, saw #BradshawStain trend during the big game and took home 6 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze Lions at the Cannes. This year they upped the ante with a whopping four ads airing across the game, starring Stranger Things actor David Harbour. The ads won the Super Clio and were lauded across the globe.

Equally heralded for their music videos, Traktor have created work for artists including Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, The Prodigy, Flaming Lips and Madonna.

All Traktor projects are a collaborative effort. Some projects are directed in pairs with one director taking the overall lead. Creatively, though, there is always discussion and support between the members throughout the process. But when it comes to the shoot, regardless of the collaboration, there is only ever one voice.

Traktor’s collective approach certainly adds to the work, but perhaps more importantly it provides them with an excuse to sit together for extended periods of time in nothing but their underwear, if that. Traktor now works out of Venice California.