Yemi is a London-based director whose films often focus on grassroots and community stories, always with the intention of giving people agency to speak their truths, to resonate with and affect you. A degree in history and American studies ignited Yemi’s interest in American culture as he began to pursue stories across the Atlantic.

His 2020 debut feature doc ‘One Man And His Shoes’ is a parable of America’s love affair with consumer capitalism and celebrity culture. The documentary was selected for a handful of international film festivals including – SXSW, London Film Festival, and Warsaw International film festival.

Yemi’s second feature, the new and critically acclaimed “Super Eagles ‘96” documentary is out now on Amazon Prime and his must-see 4 part series “Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World” is available on BBIplayer & PBS.  The episode he directed for new four-part series ‘Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League’, co-produced by David Beckham’s production company, recently aired on BBC2 and he is currently directing an episode of a music series for Disney+.

More of his long form documentary TV work has seen him direct films for a host of broadcasters including BBC’s ‘Reggae Fever’ with David Rodigan, ‘TV’s Black Renaissance’ with Reggie Yates and ‘Hate Thy Neighbour’ with Jamali Maddix for VICE and Yemi has also directed branded films for Levis, Axe Lynx, Adidas, giff gaff and most recently, a Masterclass with American portrait photographer Tyler Mitchell.  

Most definitely one to watch, Yemi was recently described by media critic and journalist Jason Stone as “a star in the making”  declaring that “any advertising agency astute enough to like him up for one of their projects is sure to reap the benefits of his talent.”

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