Fern finds her best self on the water

Posted by Rattling Stick

Fern’s new spot “Find Your Best Self on the Water” for the non-profit Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation marks Berresford’s first U.S.-based commercial work through her American reps Rakish.  The film highlights empowered women confidently casting their lines into the waters of life and finding their best selves.

Berresford’s tendency towards impactful visual storytelling gels with Rakish’s supercharged cinematic vision, as she experiments daringly with engaging characters and dynamic concepts that are saturated with social conscience. This triumphant Take Me Fishing™ campaign, with its swathes of beautifully-shot nature, engaging female portraiture, and adventurous mood, is no different.

“As with all of art, I think the more diversity and equality in the voices telling the stories the better,” said Berresford. “This spot is all about empowering and inspiring women to try something new, so the message resonated with me.”

Berresford is known for making commercials with creative and socially conscious concepts she feels connected to, particularly when it comes to women’s issues. In 2021, she created a spot for the UK domestic abuse nonprofit Women’s Aid, entitled “World’s Strongest Women,” which cleverly captured the stories of fierce women facing abuse. As it centers on female anglers, “It’s in the Water,” uses flourishes of tenacity and ambition to convey one central idea—women can achieve anything they put their minds to.

“Our creative goal for the project was to shoot a visually vibrant, exciting and enthralling narrative, told with a whimsical cinematic flare and a warm human touch to the performances,” said Berresford. “We wanted to show fishing from a fresh, imaginative perspective; placing a new set of heroines at the helm, with the aim of empowering and inspiring women across America to try something new, grab a rod and get out on the water.”