Gabriel Bisset-Smith

Born and raised on a rundown tower block in North London, with a multi cultural family of artists, musicians and troublemakers, nothing about Gabriel’s upbringing was conventional, and that’s definitely informed his work. His first short film THRUSH was a tragic romantic comedy made entirely out of photos, that covered the rise and fall of a relationship in the social media age. It won numerous awards, including the Vimeo Best Narrative award and has racked up over 370 thousand view online. Following that he shot another short called SMOKE starring Jodie Whittaker (Doctor Who) that was told entirely in reverse and got over 400 thousand views. Then Dazed & Confused Magazine named him a Dazed Visionary and commissioned his short TOILETS, which is a love story set over fifty years in some… well… toilets, which also went onto win a few awards. He then decided to try something a little longer. A lot longer. Twenty-four hours long to be precise. He directed and co-wrote the BBC’s ground-breaking murder mystery THE LAST HOURS OF LAURA K. In which you watch the last hours of a woman’s life in real time and try to solve her murder. This earned him a BAFTA nomination in Digital Creativity. The show was also nominated for a Prix Italia, Best Visual Experience at SXSW Interactive, a Broadcast Digital Award and won a Gold and Audience Award at the LOVIES as well as Best Multi-Platform at the International Format Awards in Cannes. He’s also worked a lot in theatre as a director and writer and has been nominated for an Off West End Most Promising Playwright Award and a Total Theatre Award. In his spare time Gabriel makes satirical online sketches. During the 2017 general election he made one called SHY CORBYNITES, which got a million views on Facebook and earned him a nomination from the Writers Guild Of Great Britain. He’s also directed surreal and satirical music videos for GWILYM GOLD, GEORGIA BLACK and AOSOON. Gabriel has three feature films in development and a TV series (based on his unconventional upbringing) with Baby Cow. Having written and directed for stage, screen and the Internet, he has deep understanding of story telling and is constantly looking for new and inventive ways to capture his audience’s imagination. In 2018 he was named a 'Star of Tomorrow' by Screen Daily.