Recently signed to the DirtyWork roster is comedian/writer/director Gabriel Bisset-Smith. As is traditional at Rattling Stick, we wanted to get to know him intimately, so we took five to shoot the shit…

1.RS: Are you okay hun?

GBS: I haven’t looked at Twitter for an hour, so right now I’m feeling ok.

2.RS: What was it like walking around dressed as a golliwog in public?

GBS: Shocking. What surprised me most was how many people told me how much they loved their Golliwogs when they were kids. One old lady hugged me. There was a lot less hate than I expected and that’s pretty sad.

3.RS: If your name wasn’t Gabriel Bisset-Smith, what would it be?

GBS: Michael Caine.

4.RS: What’s your most useless talent?

GBS: I can find the worst movie on Netflix in under five minutes.

5.RS: What do you waste most of your time on? Is it Love Island?

GBS: Love Island is the greatest social experiment of the 21st century.

6.RS: What dating advice would you give your 17 year old self?

GBS: I’d travel back in time and show him Love Island.

7.RS: You love talking about poo… so, in public, would you rather fart really loudly or poo your pants really quietly?

GBS: I mean it’s very possible to do both at the same time.

8.RS: What was the last lie you told?

GBS: See question 5.

9.RS: What are you most proud of?

GBS: See question 7.

10.RS: Who needs meaningful relationships anyway?

GBS: Me. Dear god I do. I’ve completed Netflix. I need company.

11.RS: You can make a music video for any artists using as much money as you want. Who is it for and what happens in the video?

GBS: It’s for Chris Brown. It’s set in a real spaceship and I fire it into the sun. oooops!


See Gabriel’s work here.