Getting to know… Jamie Jay Johnson

Rattling Stick’s latest addition Jamie Jay Johnson is best known for exploring stories of “loveable losers” with whimsical heart. We take five with him to ask some of life’s most important questions including dating advice, procrastination and Google searches…

RS: What’s your most useless talent?
JJJ: So many useless talents to choose from but I can break an apple clean in half with my bare hands (looks better than it sounds).

RS: What was the last lie you told?
JJJ: Probably some white lie which I can’t put here in case the person I told it to might read it.

RS: What are you most proud of?
JJJ: My partner and my daughter… apart from when she’s being a little shit (my daughter I mean).

RS: Marmite – lover or hater?
JJJ: Lover… especially on a hot buttered crumpet.

RS: What do you waste most of your time on?
JJJ: Probably Ebay… I have a minor addiction to buying, then storing triple glazed Scandinavian timber windows for fantasy building projects.

RS: What dating advice would you give your 17 year old self?
JJJ: ‘Faint heart never won fair maiden’… and Don’t cycle through red traffic lights.

RS: What was your last Google search?
JJJ: ‘Brian Harvey, East 17, now’. I was curious to see how he’s doing… based on his youtube channel I am a little concerned.

RS: What’s the most awkward thing that happens to you on a regular basis?
JJJ: Having name-amnesia with various neighbours and having to try and style out a conversation without referring to them.

RS: You can make a music video for any artist using as much money as you want. Who is it for and what happens in the video?
JJJ: I’d like to make a follow up to this amazing Charlotte Church video I once saw at BUG but I’m pretty sure never got released. She was typing at a computer then disappeared into an on-screen unicorn’s bumhole and into a totally berzerk fantasy universe. It was kind of like if Hieronymus Bosch ever made a music video. I’d really love to see it again.