Lauren Midwinter is a Midlands-born director working in film and commercials. Her work often explores bold subject matters with a sensitive and curious approach. She is drawn to stories that look at social norms through a fresh lens.

Lauren trained as a director at Drama Centre London (Central St. Martins) by the formidable theatre director Di Trevis, which is reflected in her performer-centric approach; she encourages talent to feel comfortable and give honest, open performances.

Whilst performance is at the heart of her work, Lauren is very much a visual storyteller. Her use of colour, composition and camera movement thoughtfully invites an audience into the story. It’s naturalism with an unexpected, subtle visual twist.

Her films have screened in worldwide festivals and major online platforms, and she has helped tell stories for commercial clients such as Samsung, NHS and Google. She is part of the BAFTA Connects cohort.

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