Born in Istanbul to a family of audio post-producers, Zeynep grew up experimenting with sound design from a young age at her parents’ post-house, therefore music & sound play a crucial part in her work. A great example for this is her commercial for the charity British Tinnitus Association where she created music out of non-harmonic tinnitus tones to reinforce her creative idea “This is My Silence”. Her work started a hashtag movement to raise awareness and gained recognition from Berlin Commercial Awards.

After studying commercial directing at the National Film and Television School, she began her career as a creative at BBC Creative where she made award-winning work. In 2021 she won the silver Promax award for “Best Newcomer” to the advertising industry, and a year later her Horror Season spot received the silver “Best Film” award.

She likes telling stories that have a strong emotion at their core and she tries to add an element of surrealism or a dream-like feel with her unique cinematic voice. Now based in London she likes collaborating with artists & brands to help bring their stories to life.

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