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We got a re-brand!

Artists Rebecca+Mike transformed our logo from the colourful, playful emblem we’ve had since the beginning – nearly two decades ago – into something still playful but more befitting our evolution and ongoing direction.

Artist statement:

Rattling Stick makes things move. The logo expresses that as a playful piece of concrete poetry.

The apparent contraction of the name Rattling Stick displays a confidence in communication. And to a certain extent puts it in the realm of digital messaging, where mis-spellings, abbreviations, rebuses and acronyms are frequently used as an efficient shorthand.

The letters are all custom drawn, taking a particular cut of Helvetica as an initial reference. (It always seemed to us that Helvetica has a clatter-of-sorts about it.) Some letters significantly differ from that reference (like the R and K), others are moderately different, and some are only imperceptibly different.

A chance encounter with a work by László Moholy-Nagy in Hauser & Wirth London led us in the right direction for how the A needed to be improved. That serendipitous moment felt like an important point in the development of the logo’s drawing.

About Rebecca + Mike:
Rebecca and Mike create pure and interventionist ideas. They’ve recently worked on projects with Paul McCartney, John Galliano at Maison Margiela, the Royal Academy of Arts, and others.