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Rattling Stick

  • November 2014

    Rattling Stick ranked 1st in Televisual Peer Poll and 3rd in Top Production Companies. Ringan also named 2nd and Daniel 4th in the Top 10 Directors.

    November 2014

    Ringan’s film for Nike ‘Winner Stays' awarded in Best Direction at the Ciclope Festival.

  • Sainsbury’s


    Ringan’s latest film is inspired by an extraordinary act of sharing #ChristmasIsForSharing.


    Mulberry '#WinChristmas'
    Andy McLeod

    The underdog wins the battle of the Christmas presents in Andy’s latest for Mulberry #WinChristmas


    Vodafone 'Let It Go'
    Pete Riski

    Pete’s new film sees unsung heroes belting out a Disney classic to inject cheer & spirit into work at Christmas.